Site Guidelines

Site Guidelines

Site Guidelines

What kind of sites should be building backlinks and are welcome to the community

There are 2 pillars that a site should cater to before building backlinks:

1. Quality Content:

  • Content that is not generic, adds value compared to first 10 ranking pages on SERP
  • Covers the topic comprehensively
  • Meets the user-intent and is not primarily made for SEO.
  • A site should typically be catering to a particular audience. Catering to everyone means that there is no topical coverage and hence you have less chance of ranking on the SERP.

2. Website Experience

  • A site which is slow, show a lot of pop-ups, deceptive in nature would have a high bounce-rate.
  • High bounce rate is a ranking factor and affects your search performance.
  • Typically you should be aiming for a fast website, good design and very low number of pop-ups or ads.

Welcoming sites with:

Given the above, we are currently inviting sites which fulfil the following criteria:

  • English only websites
    • Currently, the system doesn’t support other languages
  • Tech Websites
    • Currently we are not accepting any other niche. We would inform the websites already registered when other niches are opened up.
    • Categories automatically accepted by the system
      • Business Operations
      • Computer Security
      • Enterprise Technology
      • Networking
      • Programming
      • Software
      • Accounting & Auditing
      • Email & Messaging
      • Search Engines
      • Web Services
      • Computer Science
  • DA above 20 (Sites below DA 20 would under go a manual review, more below)
  • Traffic above 1000 visitors per month
  • Minimum 40 articles live
  • Optimized for speed
  • Not spammy or dubious
  • Good design
  • Content catering to a particular audience. We encourage topical coverage

Sites below DA 20:

The site would under go manual review for:

  • Potential to grow big:
    • Recent funding
    • Or Unique idea
    • Or very high quality content
  • Website Experience
    • Fast
    • Great design
  • Content
    • High quality
    • Topical coverage

It may take upto a week for the site to get reviewed.

If a site is rejected, you can re-apply after 2 months after improving on the points above.

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